Euronet companies celebrate diversity at Harmony Day Australia

March 21 in Australia is nationally recognised as Harmony Day. It’s a day to honour and celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion. It’s also a day of cultural awareness and respect toward everyone who calls Australia home.

Our colleagues Down Under recently took this national celebration of inclusion to a new level by organizing an internal event to recognize the rich diversity that also exists within the companies of the money transfer division of Euronet Worldwide – Ria, HiFX and XE.

Like many of the people that work at Ria, a large portion do not live in the country they were born. And much like the customers we serve, most are making a home in a new country.

The ongoing message of Harmony Day is: Everyone Belongs. A message that we think applies to any country that immigrants or expats choose to make their home.


Harmony Day Australia

Euronet Worldwide staff in Sydney, Australia, celebrated Harmony Day through sharing food from their countries and cultures. 


As Irish-born Corie Hannigan, HR Manager at Ria Australia, explained, “Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are.

“In Australia and New Zealand, the Ria family is very diverse. As part of Euronet, our 47 team members originate from 19 different countries and speak a total of 22 combined languages!

“We are extremely lucky to have such a variety of so many different and wonderful cultures and we decided to embrace this whilst celebrating Harmony Day. And what better way to celebrate than through food.”

Food is one of the best ways to connect people to a feeling of being at home – or any place that they identify as being home. It helps to strengthen bonds between people and is also a great way to learn about other people’s cultures and customs.

Staff from the money transfer division brought in food typical to their country, as well as food from the countries that have inspired them.


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Peruvian-born Eduardo Bieytes, Ria’s Country Manager for Australia, said of the celebration, “It was a great event and an important day to acknowledge the incredible diversity we have here in Australia.

“Our staff are much like a mirror for the customers we serve. The entire company participated and it was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the richness of cultures that we have inside the company,” he concluded.

The United Nations estimates that the number of people living outside their country of birth exceeded 250 million at the end of 2015 – or put another way, around 3.4 percent of the world’s population. Indeed, if this population group were a country, it would be the fifth largest in the world.

With human mobility at an all-time high and more people expected to also be displaced in the coming years through climate changes, the observance of unity, tolerance and diversity is a lesson that many can still afford to learn.

Congratulations to the Australasian team for supporting and spreading the message that Everybody Belongs!