Most trusted money transfer company in Malaysia

Putting customers at the heart of our business is one of the driving forces behind Ria’s success.

Millions of migrant workers and expats rely on Ria’s services every month. Usually, they rely on us to safely deliver their dollars wrapped with care to support their families and provide a better life for their loved ones back home.

Prior to Ria’s acquisition of leading Malaysian money transfer company IME, the Middle East and Malaysian markets were still largely unchartered territory for the company.

Now, close to three years since the two companies became one, we review how this acquisition has provided greater global connectivity and value to an already convenient remittance service in the region.



Staff at Ria-IME’s Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur proudly hold flags representing their country of origin. 


IME in Malaysia – early beginnings

IME started with one store in Nepal in 2002 and was the first non-bank remittance service provider in Malaysia.

In 2007 they expanded their service to countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam. By 2014, they had 73 stores and a network of local agents throughout Malaysia – in fact, they had more locations and representatives than any other Malaysian provider.

Customers in Asia and the Middle East have been faithfully patronizing IME’s services for years.

With their status as the largest and most trusted money transfer company in Malaysia, the 2015 acquisition by Ria was a match made in heaven, giving immediate access to important Asian and Middle Eastern markets and adding more strategic locations to a global network which now numbers 343,000.

Click to watch the video below which shows the history of the company and gives a snapshot of the lives of the customers it serves.



Customer loyalty

In Malaysia, the Ria-IME brand has generated a lot of loyal customers. This loyalty has been strengthened by the company’s commitment to streamlining the in-store process. Customers can simply walk into any store and easily send money to their loved ones while enjoying excellent rates.

As well as this, there is the added comfort of tellers who speak their language and an award-winning multilingual customer service team, with representatives from across Asia.

“I feel good when I come to [the store],” explained one regular customer in the video above. “I feel like I’m visiting my family and friends.”

And that’s exactly the type of experience we want every customer to have.



Staff at the regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, show their true colours from the rooftop. 


The Ria-IME brand evolution

IME employs close to 500 people who are now part of the global Ria family. The Asian team, who is based in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, represents all our Asian regions.

Since 2015 IME stores have been welcoming the Orange Wave replacing the red and black hues with the recognizable orange of the Ria brand. The transition is something that has been welcomed by customers and employees alike.

With the commitment to continue delivering customers’ remittances in the most reliable, fast, safe and affordable way, more and more people are trusting us to send their money home.