Ria and Government Savings Bank launch new payout service

Ria has just launched a new partnership with the Government Savings Bank (GSB) in Thailand.

The new agreement, which provides customers with inbound and outbound cash remittance services, allows GSB account- and non-account holders to send and receive remittances through more than 1,000 branches across the country.

To celebrate the agreement, Ria and Government Savings Bank recently held a press conference in Thailand.

In a press statement, Juan Bianchi, CEO & President of Ria Money Transfer, said, “We are delighted to partner with Government Savings Bank, a well-recognized bank with an excellent network in rural and urban locations across Thailand.

“Our partnership with GSB is a big step toward bringing Ria’s world-class service to Thailand and enhancing our existing services in Southeast Asia. We look forward to having a successful working relationship with GSB.”


Ria and Government Savings Bank

Executives from Ria and Government Savings Bank, celebrated the launch of the new remittance payout service in Thailand.


Mr. Chatchai Phayuhanaveechai, GSB’s President & CEO, added: “GSB’s partnership with Ria will be another channel that provides a cash remittance service for customers in almost every area in the world, such as tourists, Thai laborers working in foreign countries, foreign workers in Thailand, or people with relatives in foreign countries including those with children studying abroad.”

Thailand is an important remittance sending and receiving country in Asia. According to the World Bank, in 2016, the country received $6.3 billion in remittances with 28 percent coming from the United States; this was followed by Germany, Malaysia, Australia and Japan where many of the Thai diaspora reside.

In the same year, Thailand sent approximately $3 billion abroad, with primary destinations being China, Myanmar, Japan, France and Cambodia.


Ria and Government Savings Bank

Sebastian Plubins (left), Ria’s Managing Director for EMEA & South Asia CEO shakes hands with Chatchai Phayuhanaveechai (right), GSB’s President & CEO at a press conference in Thailand.


Remittances play an important role in an estimated one billion people’s lives worldwide. By expanding its global network with partners like Government Savings Bank, Ria will continue to facilitate the flow of family remittances across the globe.