El Salvador Hub celebrates decade of steady growth

Ria is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its regional hub in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Established in 2007, the Central American country was considered for its strategic location which offered a convenient connection between the company’s Global Headquarters in California, USA and the rest of Latin America. With Ria establishing another hub in Santiago, Chile, some years later, El Salvador continues to be an important country for Ria’s business operations.

The growth of Ria’s offices in El Salvador is quite remarkable. What started with just two employees in a 10 square metre office, went on to become an important operational centre, whose headcount between 2011 and 2017 had already quadrupled from 150 to more than 600 employees. Low staff turnover and steady expansion are also a testimony to the loyalty and commitment of the personnel.


Ria El Salvador

The Ria team in El Salvador celebrating the 10 year anniversary.


“The team and their dedication to the work we do are some of the El Salvador hub’s greatest strengths,” said Edgar Duran, Ria’s Central America Director “They are the real reason for our success here.

“Throughout the years, the staff have supported and contributed to Ria’s long-term growth, adapting quickly to the ever-changing technological world. It’s an honour to be celebrating 10 years with them and I look forward to the next 10,” concluded Duran.

Out of the 37 different departments operating in the San Salvador hub, one of the largest is the Customer Service team. The outstanding service provided to customers has also earned them, along with the US team, the award for the Best in Customer Service in Americas 2017 by Contact Center World – the largest contact centre and customer-engagement association in the world.

Providing support to 18 countries in five different languages, the department offers service to customers in North, Central and South America, Australasia, Singapore, Asia Pacific and Europe.


Ria El Salvador

Ria’s regional hub building in San Salvador, El Salvador.


The high-quality and stable jobs offered by Ria is also helping to reduce the rate of unemployment, which is one of the main challenges facing El Salvador. As well as the 600 direct staff, the hub has also boosted indirect employment through the recruitment of subcontractors.

Ria’s solid growth, together with committed and dedicated teams are some of the key elements that have made 10 years of success possible. And they will remain the main incentives to continue providing the best service to customers and achieving many more milestones to come in the region.