Ria’s sporting spirit shines at Popular Race in Madrid

As a company with a tradition of promoting healthy social activities which foster the sporting spirit of camaraderie and deepen connections with local communities around the world, Ria recently sponsored the 38th edition of the Carrera Popular de Canillejas – Trofeo José Cano in Madrid.

The 10 km race for runners 16 years and up took place on Sunday, November 19, and saw more than 50 Ria employees from the EMEA and South Asia headquarters in Madrid participate.  As a family day, there were also several races for younger children who also wore the official sponsor’s t-shirt bearing our 30th Anniversary emblem.



A runner from the Carrera Popular de Canillejas – Trofeo José Cano – engages with the crowd and wears the t-shirt bearing Ria’s 30th Anniversary emblem.


The Carrera de Canillejas is one of the most well-known sports events in Madrid and one of the few popular races run by renowned athletes, including champion medalists, British athlete Mike McLeod, plus Kenyan runners Paul Kipkoech, Paul Bitok and Silas Kipruto.

Ria also takes pride in having its own group of outstanding athletes within the company, including an Ironman, footballers and teams from different countries, and a squad of top runners in Spain – that under the Ria Running Club have participated in more than 45 races to date.



Staff from Ria’s EMEA and South Asia headquarters in Madrid embody Ria’s sporting spirit during the 10km run.


Ria’s Runners

Now in its third year, the Ria Running Club was founded in December 2014 by Raúl Gómez de Zamora, IT Director for EMEA, and has since grown exponentially in terms of the number of participants and speed. Currently, the club has more than 25 dedicated runners of all levels, whose regular participation in competitive races has seen them tally up more than 600 km so far – with no signs of slowing down.

After the Carrera de Canillejas, Gómez de Zamora commented: “We’ve run this race for three years in a row, but this year it carried a special meaning as it was sponsored by Ria, which made it feel like our own. It’s been a privilege to share this memorable moment with friends and colleagues and be part of this celebration of the sport.

“When you work in Ria you are part of a global family. There’s a level of friendship that pushes you to be the best you can, and that is also reflected in the races we participate in,” he explained.



Ria’s IT Director for EMEA, Raúl Gómez de Zamora (centre, with the Ria logo on his shirt), passes the 5km mark in the popular Madrid race.


The team spirit which comes from each race contributes to a more united and cohesive team at work – one that brings out the best in each other and strives for excellence. Events such as these also go hand in hand with the philosophy of teamwork, fellowship and commitment to healthy living and play that the company aims to promote to all staff.


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