Ria launches inbound and outbound service in Northern Cyprus

Ria has just announced a new partnership with Universal Bank Limited in Northern Cyprus.

The new agreement provides customers with inbound and outbound money transfer services in the region.

Available in four currencies – US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Turkish Lira – Universal Bank account holders can now send and receive funds using the bank’s 16 well-located branches, while non-account holders can also send or collect cash remittances.

To celebrate the agreement, Ria and Universal Bank recently held a press event in Northern Cyprus.

In a press statement, Juan Bianchi, CEO & President of Ria Money Transfer, said, “Ria seeks to create meaningful partnerships that provide customers with more flexibility when sending and receiving money, and our agreement with Universal Bank does that. We believe this new remittance service will appeal to a range of customers, including tourists, students and migrant workers that reside in the region.”



Sitting at the table, from left to right: Halil Keskin, Ria’s Country Manager for Turkey, Dr Şemsi Kazım Erkman, Chairman of Universal Bank, and Serap Tekman, Managing Director of Universal Bank, finalize the details of the agreement in Northern Cyprus.


Dr. Şemsi Kazım Erkman, Chairman from Universal Bank Ltd, who spoke at the event, affirmed: “Universal Bank is pleased to partner with Ria Money Transfer, one of the largest money transfer companies in the world, to provide customers with more choice and convenience when sending or receiving money transfers from abroad.

“Universal Bank Limited’s mission is to understand and meet the needs of our customers as quickly and effectively as possible, in an ethical way. Our partnership with Ria Money Transfer reinforces this mission and offers more value to our customers,” confirmed Erkman.

Northern Cyprus’s economy is primarily dominated by the services sector and is an attractive destination for tourists. With the number of visitors more than doubling in recent years, the region has also seen a significant increase in investment and hotel construction, which has led to considerable development during this decade.

This growth has also attracted a substantial number of migrant workers who find themselves in need of a reliable and competitive service to send money back to their families. As well as this, the region has several well-known Universities which makes it a top pick for international students, who regularly receive money from their home countries.

Ria’s presence in Northern Cyprus shows the company’s commitment to providing affordable money transfer services for everyone no matter where they reside, while continuing to facilitate the flow of family remittances, which play an essential role in an estimated one billion people’s lives worldwide.