Gold campaign winners receive gold coins in India

When Ria upgraded its cash payout network in India in May this year, the company also announced a gold campaign for beneficiaries in India to win pure gold prizes.

The campaign, which ran until July 31, was open to eligible money transfers, including beneficiaries who collected Ria remittances at authorized Muthoot Finance Limited locations. Customers were offered the chance to win 1 kilogram in pure gold prizes.

As a nod to Ria’s 30th Anniversary which is being celebrated this year, prizes were divided into 30 gold coins weighing 30 grams each, with one bumper prize of 100 grams.

Earlier this month, representatives from Muthoot Finance Limited, Paul Merchants Limited, and Ria Money Transfer, congratulated Muthoot Finance customers at events in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The gold campaign winners were awarded gold coins by Mr. George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director of Muthoot Finance Limited, Mr. Rajneesh Bansal, Executive Director of Paul Merchants Limited and Emil Ruban, Country Manager India for Ria Money Transfer.



Winners were congratulated by representatives from Muthoot Finance Limited, Paul Merchants Limited, and Ria at events in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India.


In a statement to media, Mr. Juan C. Bianchi, CEO & President of Ria Money Transfer, offered his compliments, saying: “Congratulations to all the gold prize winners in India who received their Ria remittances through Paul Merchants Limited and Muthoot Finance. Through this partnership, we are realizing our objective to serve more people in rural, urban and semi-urban locations across India, providing more choice for customers to receive their cash remittances.”

Mr. George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director, Muthoot Finance added, “At Muthoot Finance, customers are always a priority and we have always focused on serving them better. The festive season is usually the time of the year when families send money back home for their loved ones. Such promotions help us connect better with our customers across the country and encourage more people to remit money.”



Two Muthoot Finance Limited customers received their gold coins weighing 30 grams each, with a third receiving the bumper prize of 100 grams (far right).


Gold has a very significant meaning in India, with a devotion as ancient as its culture.

“Customers have been especially positive about Ria’s gold campaign,” says Emil Ruban, Ria’s Country Manager in India. He explains: “Gold is a meaningful element in our society. As well as having a profound religious significance, it’s considered of great value as an heirloom, a token of social status, a blessing and a good omen at weddings.”

In May, Ria announced important partnerships in India with three new principal agents, Paul Merchants Limited, Weizmann Forex Limited and Transcorp International.

Muthoot Finance Limited, which is an appointed agent of Paul Merchants Limited, is one of India’s most recognizable retail brands and considered to be the largest gold financing company in the world. They are currently authorized to pay cash remittances to Ria beneficiaries through more than 4,300 locations across India.