Beneficiaries to receive Ria remittances via Euronet ATMs in Romania

Ria has just added Romania to its list of countries that can pay out cash remittances at Euronet ATMs. The newly launched service allows beneficiaries to access funds at more than 500 well-located ATMs across the country.

Customers in Romania can collect remittances at Euronet ATMs 24/7.

Euronet Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) is the parent company of Ria, and along with EFT (the electronic software and ATM division of Euronet), it’s part of a wider group of companies which offer financial services, products and payment solutions, to consumers and businesses alike.

A key advantage to being part of this group is that Ria and its sister companies can offer a range of integrated financial solutions which benefit both customers and partners. This project is a result of that inter-company collaboration and provides an easy option for beneficiaries in Romania to collect their money transfers from abroad. For Ria customers sending remittances, the service will also be completely free, on a trial basis.

Ria and EFT have previously collaborated on a similar project in Poland, where customers can also receive cash remittances via Euronet-branded ATMs. Now with Romania being the latest country, the goal is to maximise opportunities to provide more convenient access for beneficiaries to receive money transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dimitris Verikios, Regional Managing Director at Euronet, explained, “Through our shared collaboration with Ria, we are maximising the benefits of being part of the same group, and projects like this ensure that our customers receive those benefits. With the launch of the new ATM cash pay-out service in Romania, we are delighted to provide customers with more than 500 locations across Romania to collect their remittances, any time of the day or night.”

Ignacio Reid, Operations Director EMEA & South Asia at Ria Money Transfer, added, “We are pleased to launch this new service with our colleagues at Euronet in Romania. This service will enhance our existing network in Romania, with beneficiaries deriving additional value from an extremely fast and convenient cash pick-up service.”

There is also a dedicated customer service line for beneficiaries in Romania, while customers from abroad can easily send money through Ria’s authorised locations worldwide, including online in selected countries.

The new service is also cardless, meaning that customers can access their cash remittance by following a series of on-screen prompts, making queuing a thing of the past, along with the need to collect remittances during standard opening hours.


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