Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria marks 3 year anniversary and lowers fees even further

Three years ago, Walmart and Ria introduced the ground-breaking domestic money transfer service, Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria.

The disruptive, domestic money transfer service for customers in the United States and Puerto Rico, brought significantly lower costs, as well as a simpler and more convenient money transfer experience.

Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria 3 Year Anniversary

A Walmart associate helps a money transfer customer at the Money Services Desk where Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria prices have just been reduced even further.


Since launching in 2014, customers have enjoyed nearly half a billion dollars in fee savings, putting more hard-earned money back into their pockets. To mark the three-year anniversary, Walmart has just announced further improvements to the service, saving customers even more money.

This service has been well-received by customers and is a successful collaboration between the two brands who continue to lead the way in cost savings for their customers.

Lowest-Ever Prices on Domestic Transfers

Despite already offering some of the industry’s lowest prices, the world’s largest retailer has further reduced prices.

The new fees, (available beginning April 26, 2017), allow customers to save between 20 to 90 percent on cash transfers versus the leading market competitor.

Walmart2Walmart also offers transparent national pricing in Walmart stores, as opposed to other leading competitors, who often vary prices location by location.

*See for price comparisons

“In the three years since launching Walmart-2-Walmart Powered by Ria – a disruptive domestic money transfer service which challenged the status quo – it’s been rewarding to see its growth in the market, while serving the millions of satisfied customers who continue to patronize the service,” said Juan Bianchi, CEO and President of Ria Money Transfer.

“With Walmart and Ria’s shared focus on customer experience, the service not only provides customers with excellent value for money but the convenience, security and speed they have come to expect.”

Kirsty Ward, vice president, Walmart Services, said in a press statement: “We are extremely proud of the significant savings our customers have enjoyed in the three years since Walmart2Walmart was introduced.

“For the millions of customers who rely upon transferring money to help family and friends – whether regularly or in times of urgent need – we know saving money on costly fees can make a big difference. Now, with even lower fees for Walmart2Walmart… we continue to deliver on our mission to save customers’ money, as well as time.”

Ria has been powering the Walmart2Walmart domestic money transfer service since 2014 and has twice been named Walmart Services’ Supplier of the Year with the service also winning the “Best Cash Innovation” Gold Award at 2015 Innovator Awards. Ria also expanded the relationship into Chile in 2016 allowing customers to send and receive money through Walmart Chile at selected Lider supermarket locations.

Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria 3 Year Anniversary

Walmart’s Money Services Centre where customers can make money transfer within the United States and Puerto Rico, using Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria.