From Mother to Mother – Ria Mums celebrate all Mothers this May

The month of May is a special one for many mothers in the world. Although Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates, there is a fairly long list of countries that observe this day in May.

For those of us with mothers, it’s also a great time to say: ‘Thank you, for all that you do Mum/Mom/Mama/Maman. You are appreciated!’

This year, a group of mothers and mothers-to-be from Ria Money Transfer – from a range of different departments – got together to create a video message to share with all Mothers.

Our mothers come from diverse backgrounds, and they jumped at the chance to participate in this video, which is now available in several languages (for all language options, go here).

The concept is simple: From Mother to Mother.

We think it’s pretty special and would like to share it with you, dear readers. (And yes, these really are mothers from Ria, not paid actresses!).



Message to All Mothers

There are women all over the world, who share a unique connection: Being a Mother.

We’re all part of a group of mothers who work at Ria Money Transfer.

So that our children can have the best opportunities, we’re capable of working anywhere in the world.

We know how hard it is to adapt and get ahead in a strange country, far away from your loved ones… 

That’s why we’re proud of the work we do and strive to offer you the best service every day.

So from Mother to Mother, we all wish you a very … Happy Mother’s Day.

So wherever you may be in the world, from all the Mothers in Ria to other Mothers in the world, we hope you get spoiled this Mother’s Day.

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