Peruvian community in Italy raises over €17,000 for Peruvian Red Cross – Ria collects donations for flood victims

Following the widespread flooding in Peru, leaders from the Peruvian Community in Rome, Italy, got together to raise funds for their countrymen and women who were hurting.

Through a series of events and by calling on people to help those who needed help most, they raised an impressive €17,446.18. The community was clear that they wanted this money to go directly to those affected in Peru and trusted Ria to send it to the Peruvian Red Cross.

Ria Italy wired the amount directly to the Red Cross in Peru at no charge to the community and with no financial gain to the company. Media also came to mark the occasion, interviewing those that gathered at the store, next to Italy’s iconic Pantheon.


Media, alongside members of the Peruvian Community and Ria Staff, gathered to mark the occasion when more than €17,000 was transferred directly to the Red Cross in Peru to help flood victims.


Country Manager for Ria Italy, Silvia Pastormerlo, who facilitated the donation process said: “It was inspiring to see the Peruvian community come together to collect this sum of money for those affected by the flooding.  It’s also an honour to be chosen as the money transfer company that they trusted most with their donation to the Peruvian Red Cross!”

In the United States, Ria is an authorised partner for the American Red Cross and is collecting donations on behalf of all of those affected by the flooding in Peru through authorised Ria locations. Find a Ria location here.


Ria supports Mocoa through American Red Cross partnership

Colombia is also suffering from one of their worst natural disasters in recent years, after heavy rain caused three out of six rivers surrounding the city of Mocoa, in south-west Colombia, to burst their banks, with landslides and widespread flooding destroying homes and taking lives.

So far, more than 321 people have been reported dead – nearly 100 children among them – with hundreds injured. One middle-aged resident said that children have been most affected, as they were in bed when the floods tore through the city of 40,000 people.

Ria has again partnered with the American Red Cross to help collect donations for Colombia. If you are in the United States, you can also make your donation through any authorised Ria location.


Ria customers in the United States can make their donation to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the flooding in Mocoa, Colombia, as well as Peru.