Ecobank Ghana highlights Ria partnership at ‘orange’ press event

In March, Ria and Ecobank Ghana, the biggest financial services provider in Ghana, held a  special press event to highlight their new partnership. Executives from Ecobank and Ria, along with the bank’s sub-agents and partners, showed their commitment by donning polos and caps with Ria’s signature orange.

The newly launched money transfer payout service allows Ecobank Ghana’s customers to receive remittances directly to their bank accounts. Account and non-account holders can also collect cash transfers at any of the bank’s 77  branches or 167 sub-agent locations across Ghana.

Ria’s El Hadji Malick Seck (left) shakes hands with Daniel Sackey, Managing Director for Ecobank Ghana at the launch event in March.


El Hadji Malick Seck, Managing Director for Ria Africa, who spoke at the press event, described Ecobank Ghana as a ‘winning partner’ and explained how the relationship with the pan-African banking conglomerate, had progressed: “In 2011, when Ria Money Transfer commenced business with Ecobank Senegal, we sat together in a meeting and they said to us, ‘we would like to become the number one remittance payer in your network’. Today, this has been achieved through dedication and commitment. A key driver of the growth of Ecobank Senegal has been their good partnerships with sub-agents to expand their network coverage, a strategy we are already witnessing today… Indeed we believe we have found another winning partner,” Seck concluded.

Operations Director for Ria Africa, Robert Kotei, who is also a Ghanaian, also spoke, called the partnership ‘unique’ and ‘exciting’, praising Ecobank’s digital growth strategy: “We have observed, with interest, Ecobank’s drive to digitisation, and we have great admiration for the new mobile app that has been introduced to the market. It is refreshing to know that transfers that are sent directly to Ecobank accounts can swiftly be accessed on this mobile app, creating multiple avenues for onward use.

“Ria is also taking giant steps and investing in our digital channels, creating an omnichannel product that suits the changing lifestyles of today’s customers. It is refreshing to know that transfers that are sent directly to Ecobank accounts can swiftly be accessed on this mobile app, creating multiple avenues for onward use,” Kotei told the attendees.


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Daniel Sackey, Managing Director for Ecobank Ghana and Regional Executive, AWA said in a press statement: “We are excited about this partnership, as it affords us the opportunity to bring convenience to the numerous Ghanaian patrons of funds transfer services. As a bank, we continue to intensify our efforts to serve customers better by providing convenience and accessibility, and we do this through strategic partnerships with selected institutions, locally and internationally. This is why we welcome the opportunity to partner with Ria Money Transfer and the numerous sub-agents, most especially Beige Capital, Utrak, Alpha Capital, Pan African Savings and Loans and Golden link, for this launch.”

Juan Bianchi, CEO and President of Ria Money Transfer, added: “Ria’s partnership with Ecobank Ghana – one of the most well-recognized banking brands in Ghana and across Africa – provides more choice for those living abroad to send money to their loved ones. We look forward to working with Ecobank Ghana to provide the fast and efficient delivery of remittances where they’re needed most.”

The World Bank reports that Ghana received $2.1 billion in remittances in 2015[1] with The United States and the United Kingdom ranked among the top five sending countries. Ria has a strong network in both countries and in addition, customers residing in the US are also able to send money to Ghana online through

[1] World Bank Bilateral Remittance Matrix, 2015, updated October 2016