Global celebrations as XE Money Transfer goes live

The Euronet family is celebrating. This time it’s the launch of XE Money Transfer by XE, the sister company of Ria and HiFX, which together make up the money transfer segment of Euronet Worldwide.

The newly branded online money transfer service, which has now been integrated with HiFX‘s own proprietary system, allows both consumers and businesses to make international payments in a quick, easy and secure way.  As well as an improved look and feel and more efficient customer sign-up processes, functionality which makes it easier to send money on both desktop and mobile devices has also been added.




Currently available in nine countries, more are expected to become available by the end of 2016, with the potential for XE to serve customers in over 200 countries. In the United States, customers looking for cash payout – or those that want currencies not covered by the new XE service – can also use Ria Money Transfer to complete their transfers online.

Whether it’s a business with an international payment need, an expat that needs to transfer funds securely, or an economic migrant that’s providing family support through sending a remittance, the money transfer segment of Euronet provides a range of payment services that meet the needs of millions of customers worldwide.


Meet the family

In 2014, HiFX joined the money transfer division of Euronet Worldwide, providing money transfer services to businesses and individuals, in Europe and Australasia. Since then, the company has expanded its reach to the US and Canada. Just one year later, the Canadian-based authority on currency, XE, was acquired by Euronet.

Following the 2015 acquisition, Euronet’s Chairman and CEO Michael J. Brown said: “Euronet’s vision is to become the global leader in digital money transfer and XE is one more milestone towards that goal.” 

Along with its sister companies, XE – who recently celebrated their 50 millionth app download for their currency calculator – can now add the successful integration of XE Money Transfer as another milestone on the Euronet digital roadmap.XE Table is considered a top ranking website worldwide, and according to Similarweb, is also one of the top five business news websites globally, alongside Bloomberg and XE properties attract more than 268 million unique visitors per year and company research  indicates that almost half of their customers have a payment need.

Juan Bianchi, CEO and President at Ria Money Transfer, said: “XE Money Transfer, alongside the services offered by its sister companies HiFX and Ria, will make it easy, fast and secure for both consumers and businesses to send money, pay people, or settle bills overseas. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the money transfer segment of Euronet Worldwide to connect these customers with the products and services that best meet their needs.”

Beric Farmer, Co-Founder, President and CEO at XE, said the project was something that everyone involved could be extremely proud of: “Since the last millennium, XE has sought to work closely and collaboratively with a philosophically-aligned group of people to bring exciting, innovative, excellent transactional foreign exchange products to customers. XE joined the Euronet family fifteen months ago, and now we have finally achieved that.”

Following the launch, David Christie, Project Sponsor, and Group COO at HiFX also shared some words with the team, saying: I would like to personally thank each and every person that has been involved … I am confident that the whole Digital Group will continue to show this same level of commitment and ownership as we provide our new customer base the world-class service that they deserve.”

Ria would also like to congratulate everyone involved in the successful launch of the XE Money Transfer service. The best is yet to come.

Below, pictures from offices around the world that celebrated the launch of XE Money Transfer.