Euronet CEO’s letter to Italian Staff details €50,000 donation to Red Cross on their behalf


With aftershocks continuing to affect parts of Italy following the fatal 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Central Italy on August 24, the non-physical impact has been felt by many people around the world, including Euronet and its employees.

Headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, U.S. Euronet has staff from its three segments within Italy – Euronet (EFT), epay and Ria. Shortly after the earthquake hit, Euronet’s Chairman and CEO, Michael J. Brown responded with a €50,000 donation to the Red Cross Italy on behalf of the Company’s Italian staff, as part of the aid relief.

In a letter, he thanked the Italian Team for their commitment to the company, saying it was their efforts that made this donation possible“In the ten years since we have entered Italy, you all have shown relentless drive and commitment to making Italy a profitable contributor to Euronet’s financial results. We know that many of you have friends and family that have been impacted by this tragedy and it is your efforts that have made this donation possible,” he told Italian employees.

Click on the image below to see the letter in full size, or view the PDF here: Euronet Red Cross Donation


Euronet Red Cross Donation Letter

Euronet’s Chairman and CEO, Michael J. Brown, sent a letter to the Italian Team thanking them and donating €50,000 to Red Cross on their behalf.


For Silvia Pastormerlo, Country Manager of Ria Italy, who has been at the helm for over a decade, this was more than a donation: “When the earthquake hit, we all felt so helpless. You cannot imagine how much it means for us to see this kind of response. This is a testament to the generosity of spirit that exists and I’m so proud to work for this company,” she said.

In addition to the donation from Euronet, Ria’s Italian team has mobilised its agents and stores to collect donations which will aid the earthquake relief efforts of the Red Cross in Italy. As with previous donation collection campaigns, there will be no charge to the customer.

To make a donation, simply visit a participating Ria store or agent in Italy. To find a store, use our Ria Store locator.


Panorama Ria Pantheon store

One of Ria’s Italian Stores accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross in Italy is located next to the iconic pantheon in Rome.