Ria partners with Walmart Chile to offer competitive money transfer services through selected Lider Supermarkets

After successfully partnering with Walmart in the United States, Ria has expanded this partnership with Walmart Chile to offer inbound and outbound services to 150 countries through select Lider supermarkets.

Customers in Chile can now send and receive international and domestic money transfers while shopping for their weekly groceries, using a unique ‘staging’ process at a dedicated in-store Ria Booth. To send money, customers simply visit the Ria Booth located inside a Lider supermarket, to initiate their transfer.

Customers receiving money from friends and family within Chile or abroad, can do so by visiting the booth and collecting their barcode before visiting the supermarket cash register for payout.

“We are excited to offer a competitive new service with Walmart Chile, in a country with an increasing demand for rapid, reliable and economical money transfer,” said Ria’s President and CEO, Juan Bianchi, also a native of Chile. “With international migration at an all-time high, we hope the new service provides added convenience and value for families that rely on Ria to deliver their remittances safely.”

Ria Booth Walmart Chile 4 cropped

Ria staff at a Ria Booth where customers can go to initiate the sending or collection of money transfers. The custom-made booths are located inside select Walmart Chile Lider supermarket locations.


It was back in 2014 that Ria first won the backing of Walmart in the US to launch the award-winning US domestic money transfer service, Walmart 2 Walmart Powered by Ria. Since then, our competitively-priced services have been welcomed in several Walmart Chile Lider locations, including two locations in Santiago’s Metropolitan region. Two additional locations, Antofagasta and Calama, in the northern part of Chile – which are both popular immigrant destinations – are currently being deployed.

“Until Ria’s arrival, Chile was an under-served country when it came to money transfer alternatives,” explains Marcelo Castillo Ria’s VP for Business Development, South America. “Ria’s service and excellent coverage in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Haiti, among others, have also made us the top-of-mind brand for quick, safe and economical money transfers,” concludes Castillo.


Ria Booth Walmart Chile 6

Customers can now use Ria’s convenient money transfer services located within select Lider supermarket locations in Chile.