mobilcom-debitel Shop partners with Ria to offer money transfer to customers in Germany

Ria is making news this week after announcing its partnership with Germany’s mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH, one of the largest telecommunication and digital lifestyle providers in Europe.

Customers can now send money to friends and family within Germany, or living abroad, via Ria’s global network which includes services in 150 countries and more than 310,000 locations.

Today, 60 mobilcom-debitel locations are currently authorized to process money transfers and this number will increase to nearly 600 locations in the coming months, growing Ria’s network in Germany by around two-thirds.


md Shop Beratungsszene

Leading digital lifestyle providers, mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH in Germany, will now offer Ria’s money transfer service to customers through selected retail stores. (c) mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH


Juan Bianchi, Ria’s President and CEO, commented on the partnership, saying, “Ria is always looking for new ways to reach customers that have a need to make a money transfer – whether as an occasional gift or as a regular remittance. We believe our partnership with mobilcom-debitel will provide customers with a simple, secure and convenient money transfer option at the point of sale.”

Hubert Kluske, Managing Director of mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH, said, “Partnering with Ria is a great chance for us to extend our service portfolio for our customers in our shops.”

Mirko Kottke, Head of Corporate Development at mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH, added, “For mobilcom-debitel as a digital lifestyle provider, Ria’s services open up new business opportunities.”

Reinhard Grübl, Country Manager for Ria Germany, affirmed that pairing the Ria brand with a well-regarded brand in Germany would open the door to more possibilities, saying, “mobilcom-debitel Shop is a well-known name in Germany and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them to offer our services to customers in one of the top 10 money transfer markets, globally.”

Ria has enjoyed success partnering with well-known retailers in other countries, but this is the first agreement with a leading retailer in Europe to provide money transfer. The new service is also mobilcom-debitel’s first agreement with a money transfer operator.


Ria Mobilcom debitel

Ria’s Country Manager Reinhard Grübl (right) says the new partnership is a great opportunity for Ria to provide services in Germany, one of the top 10 countries for money transfer.