Future Trends and The Power of Remittances at European Post & Parcel

The Post Office is undergoing something of a transformation. Like many businesses with a strong retail presence, post offices are adapting to the digital age. While letters are in decline, increasing numbers of people are shopping online, which also means that post offices are delivering more parcels than ever.

Delivery and future trends in the postal services were the themes of this year’s European Post and Parcel Services event, held in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of March. In its 19th year, the event attracts top posts and suppliers from across Europe. Ria was also there for a second year as co-sponsor of the event, with five European staff in attendance.

Logistics and e-commerce received some significant airtime during the event, with online retailer, Zalando, sharing some interesting insights into e-commerce customer behaviour, while the European Commission spoke to a packed room about priority project, The Digital Single Market, its potential role in parcel delivery and e-commerce and why is it essential for continued e-commerce growth.

European Post and Parcel Services Ria Money Transfer Team 2

Ria staff at European Post and Parcel Services included (from left to right), Rogelio Lopez, Sian Bennett, Blanca Eleta, Jorge Ibarraran and Fabio del Grosso.


Post Office Business Development Lead, Jorge Ibarrarán, presented on the topic of The Power of Remittances and joined an expert panel with senior members of Austrian Post and Unipost. “Remittances can have a powerful impact in their destination country,” explained Jorge. “”While they are still not widely spoken about or even understood, they are steadily increasing each year.  Last year, over $600 billion flowed through remittance channels, including posts.”


European Post and Parcel Services 2

Post Office Business Development Lead, Jorge Ibarraran, spoke on the topic of the Power of Remittances and how they have a multiplier effect in families, communities and countries.

“Postal Organizations are facing several issues at present, but all have a common need: to maintain and grow their customer base by offering value-added solutions,” Jorge continued. “As Ria continues its steady growth, we are better placed to offer a solid and appealing value proposition. And this was a topic throughout most of our conversations with partners, prospects, and other suppliers. We are already looking forward to our next postal event, mid-June in Warsaw,” he concluded.

Fabio del Grosso, a Key Account Manager from Italy who also attended the event, added, “It was great to see so many postal organizations from around Europe at the event and to get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing. The event was also useful for postal organizations to learn more about Ria and the Euronet Worldwide group, and the competitive advantages we can bring to them, as far as remittances and, more generally, payments are concerned.”

European Post and Parcel Services 4

Peter Somers, Chief Executive Officer, SprintPack hosts the panel with Walter Hitziger, Member of the Management Board, Austrian Post, Jorge Ibarrarán (centre) of Ria Money Transfer and Pablo Raventós, Director General, Unipost.