HayPost partners with Ria to provide money transfer services in Armenia

HayPost, the national postal operator of Armenia and Ria have announced a partnership to provide inbound and outbound money transfer services.

The new agreement allows HayPost customers to receive cash remittances in euro and US dollars at any of the company’s 600 online post offices in Armenia. In addition to providing a secure and economical service, Ria’s rapid transfer system ensures that customers will receive transfers from family and friends abroad within minutes. HayPost customers can also send money abroad with payout through Ria’s global network.

Armenia’s national post office has also been making strategic moves in the USA, where on July 21, 2015, the company opened its first international branch in Glendale, California to serve the Armenian community. As well as providing courier and shipping services, HayPost launched ‘ShopInAmerica’, an innovative service which grants Armenian residents open and easy access to goods from the US market.

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HayPost has more than 600 online branches in Armenia where customers can pick up cash remittances in euro or US dollars through Ria.

Juan Bianchi, President and CEO, Ria Money Transfer, said, “The launch of our new money transfer service with HayPost is especially timely given their recent expansion to the USA and we’re delighted to partner with Armenia’s national postal operator. Part of Ria’s global vision is to provide greater access to affordable remittances worldwide and post offices are an excellent channel to facilitate these flows. HayPost also has many strategically located branches in remote locations and we’re looking forward to better serving Armenians living abroad by giving them a secure and affordable alternative for sending money home to their families.”

Juan Pablo Gechidjian, General Director of HayPost said, “The cooperation between HayPost and Ria Money Transfer is a great opportunity, enabling customers to send and receive cash remittances to and from different parts of the world. One of our missions is to provide quality, fast and affordable services to our customers. We are confident that our partnership with Ria Money Transfer fits within this mission and are hopeful our work together will yield tangible results in the near future.”

In 2014, the World Bank estimated that Armenia received US$2.2bn in remittances. In 2013, remittances accounted for 21% of the country’s GDP, placing Armenia in the top 10 countries most dependent on remittances globally.

HayPost USA Corp

HayPost USA was opened in Glendale, California in July 2015 to better serve the Armenia diaspora.