The Secret Sauce – Ria’s 2015 Year in Review

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”– Author Unknown.

2015 was a phenomenal year for Ria.

In a year when Fintech, the Blockchain, and Unicorns were still buzzwords, this ‘traditional’ company quietly went about its business and recorded steady growth. And we’re not slowing down. We also welcomed more people to the growing Ria family, including nearly 500 staff in Malaysia, plus new customers, banking and retail partners, (along with some new readers to the blog!).

Although there were plenty of highlights, here are a few of the top posts which make up Ria’s 2015 Year in Review.

Generosity of spirit

In 2015, Ria helped to raise money for education and children with disabilities. First with Corre por una causa to raise funds for disadvantaged people in Ecuador (see: Ria goes the distance to raise funds for education in Ecuador). Secondly, through our amazing customers, we raised $164,000 for TeletonUSA, to benefit children. (See: Ria and its customers raise $164,000 for TeletonUSA in support of children with disabilities).

Rosario and Armando

L-R: Ria’s Armando Chavez, TeletonUSA presenter, Melissa Marty and Rosario Escarpita. Ria made a $35,000 corporate donation as part of the $164,000 in funds raised for children.

Following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, we did our part to help deliver more to people affected, by maintaining zero fees until the end of June. We were the only money transfer company to do so. After the first quake, despite a stressed network, we were able to deliver money for food and medicine to over 200,000 families. (See: Remittances to help reconstruct Nepal – Ria continues to offer zero service fee globally).

Why we do what we do

We celebrated the inaugural International Day of Family Remittances during the Global Forum on Remittances and Development in Milan, Italy, an event where we challenged exclusivity agreements and also affirmed why we do what we do.

Our CEO, Juan Bianchi, said it best… “Ria exists thanks to the more than 240 million people that had the courage to leave their home countries and their families to seek opportunities that would give all of them a better future. The inaugural International Day of Family Remittances is an initiative which not only recognises the sacrifice of all the migrant workers – many of whom work within Ria – but also their families, which benefit from these regular flows of money. Worker Migration is not a vacation; it is sacrifice and hard work, with a neat story behind each remittance that is sent. At Ria, we could not be prouder of being a small part in each of those stories…” (See: Ria celebrates Inaugural International Day of Family Remittances).


L-R: Ria’s Miguel Aguado, Shawn Fielder, Espen Kristensen, and Oscar Arranz in Malaysia following the acquisition of IME.

Massive Expansion

Ria’s retail network also grew, with posts about openings in Sweden and Norway proving especially popular.

Ria continued to expand globally, adding 70 stores after major expansion to Malaysia and the Middle East following the acquisition of IME. (See: Ria expands to Malaysia and Middle East with acquisition of Malaysian-based Money Transfer Provider IME).This story was our most popular post of 2015 and a real game changer.

Another big piece of news (which didn’t get its own post) was the acquisition of trusted currency authority XE (websites and by Ria’s parent company Euronet Worldwide, Inc. This also positions Ria for a particularly bright and interesting future in the digital sphere, so watch this space.

The topic of the Post Office as an excellent remittance distribution channel also received a bit of airtime on the blog. (See: Ria provides low-cost remittances and partnership for postal operators in Africa).

Honours and Awards

Finally, we were humbled to be recognised as the best in the business, receiving four awards in 2015. Cash Innovation Award

L-R: Ria’s Jessica Yee and Walmart’s Kirsty Ward hold the gold awards received by for “Best Cash Innovation”.

First by when Walmart-2-Walmart Powered by Ria, won the 2015 “Best Cash Innovation” Gold Award. (See: Walmart-2-Walmart Powered by Ria wins prestigious Cash Innovation Award).

If that wasn’t cause enough for celebration, shortly afterwards Walmart Services named Ria their Supplier of the Year for a second year – the first consecutive win for this award amongst all Walmart Services suppliers. We also received the Service Excellence Award. (See: Ria scoops Walmart Services’ Supplier of the Year Award a second time). Thank you, Walmart Services!

To round off an already great year, the IAMTN named Ria the Best Money Transfer Company of 2015, at their 10th Annual Global Money Transfer Summit in London. (See: Ria wins Best Money Transfer Company Award at 10th Annual Global Money Transfer Summit). Thank you again IAMTN!

While there is more to mention, these are called highlights for a reason. So please do browse the content, leave feedback and follow the blog to get the latest alerts when new posts are published. We created this blog for you.