Spreading the Ria Spirit 365 days of the year (VIDEO)

We are not in the business of money transfer.

We are in the business of people.

People leave their home countries for many reasons, to go in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Some people don’t have a choice and are forced to migrate, due to war, conflict, natural disasters or unsustainable economic reasons. While migration comes with its risks, equally, the risk to not migrate can be even higher. This is a story we see and hear time and time again from our customers.

As Ria’s CEO & President, Juan Bianchi, said earlier this year: “Worker Migration is not a vacation; it is sacrifice and hard work, with a neat story behind each remittance that is sent… At Ria, we could not be prouder of being a small part in each of those stories”.

The following video is a typical story. A mother and baby separated from their husband and father who has migrated abroad in search of a better life for them all. It also demonstrates what we like to call the Ria Spirit when the community rallies together. This Spirit exists not just during important dates, but throughout the year.

The message (in Spanish) translates to: You don’t need to wait for special dates to spread the Ria Spirit.

*This video has reached over 200,000 people through social media in less than a week.

A recent press release from the World Bank  released on International Migrants’ Day, stated that immigration is now at an all-time high. The total number of international migrants is expected to surpass 250 million in 2015, with more people on the move. Developing countries with fast-growing economies have also become attractive options for people from other parts of the developing world seeking economic opportunities.

Opportunity is something that we believe everyone should have. For this reason, we strive to make our prices fair and offer a secure and efficient service to put more into the pockets of those who need it most.

We do not underestimate the impact of remittances and know they can act as a form of direct aid in times of instability, such as in the case of Nepal. In the wake of the two earthquakes of 2015, despite a stressed network, Ria, through its agents, was able to pay out cash to over 200,000 families to buy food and medicine.

Dilip Ratha, Co-Author of the Migration and Remittances Factbook 2016, affirms the impact of remittances in the same press statement: “At more than three times the size of development aid, international migrants’ remittances provide a lifeline for millions of households in developing countries. In addition, migrants hold more than $500 billion in annual savings. Together, remittances and migrant savings offer a substantial source of financing for development projects that can improve lives and livelihoods in developing countries.”

We will continue to keep offering the best prices, and network, possible so we can keep spreading the Ria Spirit in its many forms, 365 days of the year.

Thank you for reading this blog in 2015 and we wish all of our readers Happy Holidays!