Ria tells Post Expo 2015 attendees how to build a successful business

Post Expo 2015 attracted record numbers to their recent show at Porte de Versailles in Paris, France.

The annual event drew over 3,600 attendees from  100 countries, including Singapore, USA, Australia, Austria, Turkey, the Philippines, Canada, Lebanon, China, Korea, India and Italy. They all came to hear the latest industry news, see what was new, and of course, network.

Exhibitors this year – which included Ria – showcased their latest offerings for improving efficiency in the postal sector, while Conference speakers discussed logistical challenges and solutions, including how they are achieving better operational efficiencies.

Ria’s Post Office Business Development Lead, Jorge Ibarraran, was also a speaker and presented on the topic of Building a Profitable Multi-Channel Business with Integrated Financial Solutions. 

As he summarised: To remain competitive, it is not enough to be either personal, innovative, or offer the best prices. Businesses that excel must deliver all three.


Ria’s Post Office Business Development Lead, Jorge Ibarraran, speaks about Integrated Financial Solutions, showing a flagship Euronet, Ria and epay store in Munich, Germany.

Ria’s Country Manager for France, Esteban Blanco, who attended the Expo and Conference, said, “It was great to participate as an exhibitor this year. We spoke with many different Posts who were interested to know more about Ria and what makes us different from other money transfer operators. While our core service is personal remittances, many people were surprised to hear we form part of a larger group and are able to offer integrated financial solutions that go beyond the traditional remittance business model.”

Ria  has a strong global agent network – now with more than 287,000 locations – and our existing partnerships with post offices are a valuable part of that. In some countries the post office is still one of the main places for meeting and doing business, so we’re working hard to bring more affordable remittance services to people worldwide.

And despite challenges with exclusivity, there is still a lot of potential.

As we’ve previously written, according to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), around 80 per cent of post office locations in sub-Saharan Africa sit within rural and less-populated areas, where banks are often not present. As part of a bi-lateral discussion around the challenges facing this continent, in March 2015, a team travelled to Cape Town (South Africa) to discuss the role of remittances and postal networks at the African Conference on Remittances and Postal Networks. The recently published Official Report from IFAD can be accessed here.

We believe the post office is a key channel for the delivery of remittances. So we’ll continue to work hard to open more partners to offer more services, to benefit more people.

For more about Post Expo 2015, watch Ria’s Exhibitor Video below: