Ria and PrivatBank Launch Full Suite of Inbound and Outbound Remittance Services across Ukraine

PrivatBank, Ukraine’s largest privately-owned bank, and Ria, have announced a new partnership to provide inbound and outbound remittance services in Ukraine.

Customers in Ukraine can send and receive cash remittances in euro (EUR) or US dollars (USD) at more than 2,560 PrivatBank branch locations, without the need for a bank account. For added convenience, customers receiving remittances that have a PrivatBank account can transfer funds directly to their accounts using remote channels, including the bank’s Call Centre, online banking system “Privat24”, or more than 19,000 PrivatBank ATMs and self-service kiosks.


Customers can send and receive cash remittances at any PrivatBank branch in Ukraine, or use remote channels to access remittance services. 

The new agreement also gives PrivatBank account holders the option to send remittances with Ria 24-hours a day, using the self-service kiosks or “Privat24” service; furthermore, customers can send money through Ria’s extensive network, which includes more than 272,000 locations, by phoning the PrivatBank Call Centre.

“Our partnership with Ria, one of the largest and fastest growing global money transfer systems, provides even more opportunities for Ukrainians to support their loved ones, no matter where in the world they may be,” says Mykhailo Rogalskyi, PrivatBank Head of Payments and Transfers. “Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, we have made the sending and receipt of international money transfers simple and convenient, allowing PrivatBank to become a national leader in this market.”

“Our collaboration with PrivatBank demonstrates Ria’s commitment to providing more choices for Ukrainians who need to send money home to their loved ones and for those who wish to send money abroad,” says Ria’s President and CEO, Juan Bianchi. “This new agreement is also aligned with our objective to provide customers with additional options for collecting remittances, by leveraging traditional and innovative payout methods. Ria is proud to partner with one of Ukraine’s most-respected banking brands and we look forward to better serving the customers that form one of the largest diaspora groups in the world.”


PrivatBank has more than 19,000 self-service kiosks and ATMs where customers can access Ria’s remittance services.

PrivatBank is the largest Ukrainian bank and  leader in the retail banking market with 13 million individual and 375,000 corporate customers; they serve more than 2.1 million customers every day.

According to World Bank data, Ukraine received approximately $7.4 billion in remittances in 2014; as at the date of this release, Ria is one of only a handful of money transfer systems officially licensed to make inbound and outbound transfers in Ukraine.

Ria customers in the United States can access convenient online money transfers to Ukraine using www.riamoneytransfer.com