Business Leadership and the keys to building a multi-billion dollar company

What makes a great business leader?

To some, great business leadership is the ability to inspire others, display confidence, act with honesty and humility… for others, it’s something else.

One well-known quote on leadership by Jack Welch, says: “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

And arguably, vision is one important ingredient that’s needed to lead a company to success.

Each year, senior leaders from Ria’s parent company, Euronet Worldwide Inc., and its subsidiaries, gather to talk and share information about their divisions. It’s an opportunity to discuss any challenges they’ve faced and celebrate the growth they’ve fostered. The annual Leadership Meeting is also a time to develop and harmonise teamwork between the different divisions of Euronet.

During three days, with meetings and workshops with more than 60 senior leaders from across the globe, discussions are focused on what needs to be done to continue growing a multi-billion dollar company. As part of these sessions, Business Leaders receive mentoring and coaching from Senior Executives, including Euronet’s CFO Rick Weller and CEO and Founder Michael J. Brown.

Ria Leadership meeting

L-R: Euronet’s CFO, Rick Weller, Ria’s CEO & President, Juan Bianchi, Ria’s MD for EMEA & South Asia, Sebastian Plubins, Euronet’s CEO and Founder, Michael Brown. 

Michael Brown is a respected entrepreneur and considered a tech pioneer in the field of digital payments. With a background in software, he was also recently inducted into the new Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Henry W Bloch School of Management. He is currently the head of a multi-billion dollar company.

“One of the objectives of the meeting is to ensure that our plans are being executed and to discuss how to put the theories into action,” says Ignacio Reid, Operations Director for EMEA & South Asia. “Both Rick and Mike have a lot of experience, they’re great communicators and commanders and of course the results are visible to all.”

In order to grow, there must always be a vision,” explains Reid. “Ria is part of a truly global, diverse and multi-cultural company. Despite the distances between us, there are close ties between the different countries and divisions. The meeting forms an important part of our company culture and team spirit, all of which contributes to the company’s future growth.”

Armando Chavez, VP of Store Operations, adds, “The Leadership meeting is a great opportunity to meet, discuss strategy issues and reinforce the vision that shapes our company. Although Ria is one cog of the Euronet Worldwide Group, there are a lot of opportunities for our business partners, due to the businesses’ diversity. There’s always something to take away and it’s humbling to be part of a successful company that is home to many talented business leaders.

Euronet’s product portfolio is broad. As well as money transfer, it includes ATM services, point-of-sale processing, card outsourcing services, prepaid mobile airtime, other prepaid content and mobile operator solutions. The company now has around 4,600 employees worldwide.

Euronet operates in approximately 160 countries through three business segments – Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) including ATMs, POS solutions and deployment of other value added services; epay, digital prepaid content and mobile top-up; and money transfer which includes Ria and HiFX.

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