Ria pays tribute to women and mothers this May

According to the United Nations, around 48 percent of all international migrants are women.

Around half of Ria’s customers are also women.

So in honour of all the women we know and work with, this Mother’s Day we want to celebrate and acknowledge those are often considered the beating heart of the family. Many women not only contribute to the worldwide flow of remittances, they often make an additional sacrifice by sending slightly more each month.

And of course, mothers do so much more…

For a lot of countries, Mother’s Day falls on the first or second Sunday in May. In many Spanish-speaking, Latin American countries, this celebration is called Día de la Madre and is marked as an important day.

In the United States it’s not just international migrants who send money back to their home countries – often to parents who have stayed behind – as domestic migration is also common. Many make transfers to loved ones and family members in different states during key dates in the calendar year. The following video is a touching dedication to all mothers.


Send Love for Mother’s Day (English with Spanish subtitles)


People send remittances for many reasons, including medical care, weddings, celebrations and education.

In the this video, part one of a three-part series, we see a young girl from Colombia preparing for her quince años (also known as fiesta de quince)This is a very significant day for many young Latin American girls who celebrate their ‘coming of age’ party and are presented to society on their 15th birthday.


Ria Video Part 1 of 3: The Story of Gladys’ Supermum (Spanish with English subtitles)


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