Ria co-sponsors The Future of European Post and Parcel Services in Vienna

We all receive mail. (Though perhaps not always the type we want).

Though letters are in decline, the Post Office network appears healthy, with parcel delivery and e-commerce as top growth drivers.

Today, e-commerce is considered to be the fastest growing retail market in Europe. And it’s fair to say that people’s online habits have changed dramatically since the first smartphone was introduced in 2007.

So with technology accelerating, what does the future hold for the Postal Sector and other companies with large networks? Could drone delivery be here in the not-so-distant future?

These questions, along with the logistical challenges that postal operators and other modern businesses face, were addressed at The Future of European Post & Parcel Services in Vienna, Austria at the end of March.

In its 18th year and held across three days, the event was attended by six Ria staff members from across Europe.


Ria’s MD for EMEA & South Asia (right) presented on the topic of ‘The social impact of remittances on developing economies and the role of the post office’.

The agenda included 20 CEOs, Presidents and Managing Directors from postal operators such as Deutsche Post DHL, Post NL, PostNord and Royal Mail. Also speaking at the event was Ria’s Managing Director for EMEA & South Asia, Sebastian Plubins.

During the presentation, our MD offered up insight into the money transfer industry and the important role of the post office for sending and delivering remittances worldwide.

For other speakers, logistics and distribution were key topics, along with e-commerce delivery, mail fulfilment, postal operations, retail outlets and cross border trade.

Drone delivery as a topic was possibly the most controversial, with the Global Managing Director of Accenture’s post and parcel industry group, Brody Buhler, assuring the audience that it will be our future. Pilot tests are under way now.


Five staff from Ria EMEA & South Asia wear a touch of orange at the European Post & Parcel Services Event in Vienna, Austria. L-R: Helena Englander, Jorge Ibarraran, Sian Bennett, Rogelio Lopez, Silvia Pastormerlo.

Key Account Manager for Ria Money Transfer, Jorge Ibarraran Viniegra, who attended the event, commented: “Like other business sectors, the Post Office faces many modern-day challenges around logistics and balancing the need for physical products, with the digital world. It was insightful to see how some businesses are creatively adapting to these challenges.

The Post Office has one of the best retail networks in the world and we’re looking forward to working more closely with this industry. Ria also has a competitive advantage, which is our ability to offer a wider range of products and payment solutions that go beyond the scope of remittances. People are surprised when they learn of our size, scale and capabilities, under the umbrella of our parent company Euronet Worldwide.”

During the event, staff met with other organisations that are developing agile networks to improve distribution in countries where innovation may have been restricted. And the good news is that people are finding creative ways to improve or rethink distribution.

Working with challenges in sectors where old systems and ways of thinking prevail is something Ria encounters every day. But rather than stifling competition and reducing choice, we firmly believe in free markets and providing more choice to the customer at the point of sale.