Ria adds new location in Germany as part of Euronet One Stop Shop

If you’re going to build a store, you may as well build it with style.

So this is what we did at the new Euronet One Stop Shop which was recently unveiled in Munich, Germany.

Munich 1

The new One Stop Shop in Munich is a shining example of the Euronet Group. Credit: Alexander Gerstl, epay

The modern store, situated in München Hauptbahnhof (German for Munich Main Railway Station), is a prime example of the Euronet Worldwide Inc. group of which Ria and its sister company epay are part of.

The new location offers a suite of Euronet products and those of its subsidiaries (Ria, EFT and epay). These include: money transfer, currency exchange, mobile top-up, cash withdrawal via ATM, a wide range of electronic payment services plus digital prepaid products from epay including gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify and Google+.

Niels-Peter Voß, Retail Manager for Ria Germany, said: “The store is located in the heart of a historical city and receives around 450,000 passengers a day, putting it on par with other large stations in Germany. This is especially attractive for people who are looking for a place to make quick, convenient currency exchange or money transfer services. We’re looking forward to seeing this location grow.”

Alfred Stettberger, Managing Director for EFT Germany, commented: “It’s our second Euronet One Stop Shop in Germany and we can see the potential we have with this store. It’s fantastic to actually see the synergies of the three pillars of Euronet in a single shop concept. I’m confident this new location will yield great results!”

Costas Zertalis, European Retail Director at Ria added: “This is also the second Euronet One Stop Shop located inside a train station and it represents a great opportunity for us to reach more European travellers and commuters. We would like to embrace this model and export it to as many countries possible.”

Munich 3

Digital prepaid content by Ria’s sister company, epay, adorns the walls of the new One Stop Shop. Credit: Alexander Gerstl, epay