Ria puts compliance at the heart of its business

In Ria we have a saying, which is: “Compliance is everyone’s responsibility.”

This expression also reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility – of which compliance plays a key role. It includes not only the obvious legal and regulatory framework required to run a business, but also IT processes, along with customer care and protection.

Last month, Compliance members from different parts of the world came to Ria’s European Headquarters in Madrid, Spain, to discuss its role and impact on our business.

Compliance Meeting 03 cropped

Marco Nicassio leads the topics of discussion at the Compliance meeting.

Marco Nicassio, Compliance Officer for EMEASA and key organiser of the event, is proud of the culture that has been created within Ria. He said: “Compliance is part of our corporate culture, and it’s many things… it’s a message, a philosophy and a policy that is pushed straight from the top.

Earlier this year, Ria took part in a bi-lateral discussion with UK regulators at Regent’s University in London – the home of an important Ria partnership.

At the event Marcela Gonzalez, Managing Director of Ria, UK & Ireland and Euronet Payment Services, emphasised Ria’s commitment to training: “Ria has a professional and highly trained Compliance Team which receives ongoing training and support to ensure the regulations are strictly followed. We have developed an intelligence solution that combines individual identity data with technology, to provide clients with the right system to make good business decisions based on trust.”

Compliance Meeting 04 cropped

Marcela Gonzalez and Kamiluddin Alvi from Ria’s London office pay close attention to proceedings.

And trust is at the foundation of all that we do.

Luz Lapeyre, VP of Compliance, Americas, agrees, commenting: “I am very proud of the group of people that make up Ria’s Compliance Department. They are passionate and committed to maintaining Ria’s standard of compliance as the highest in the industry; at the same time they are also sensitive to the needs of our consumers and our business. What a great combination!”

Nicassio adds that in a business where reputation is everything, it can also be a driver for success. “Many people may not consider the strategic importance of compliance which is required for our business to grow. And Ria is the best-in-class in this area, which is also reflected by our clean record,” he says proudly.

We’re in the business of helping people to send and receive money worldwide. But we’re also in the business of people. Our services not only allow people to send money home to their family or loved ones, they provide other types of assistance, including opportunities for business and investment on a global scale.

Ria is growing  at a fantastic rate, with many thousands of people using and trusting in our services every day. One of the secrets to our success? Compliance and client protection is always at the heart of what we do.