Studying at Ria


Mathieu Lasserre is just 29 years old, but he is already celebrating his tenth anniversary at Ria. He started working for Ria in Paris, France, when he was obtaining his IT degree. “I was just a cashier, working during weekends.” Now Mathieu Lasserre is Ria France’s Manager of the Agent Support Department. He’s one of the youngest managers in the company and already a decade-long veteran. This part-time job helped his professional development, although Mathieu considers other aspects too. “For me it was also a way to get economic independence.”

For Eleonora Vodovozova it was about “getting experience.” She started working for Ria in Stockholm (Sweden) when she was studying for a Masters in Finance. She was recruited  by Coca-Cola after getting her masters degree, “but I returned to Ria last year as Store Manager.”

Carlo Pacis was also studying when he started working for Ria in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2009. “I wanted to be financially independent from my parents,” says Carlo, who after earning his BSc became Ria’s IT manager for Switzerland.

There are many cases where  employees  started in our company as part-time workers while they finished their studies. Almudena Salegui came to Ria as a Political Science student and now is EMEA Customer Service Manager in Madrid. Another example is Esteban Blanco, who started at Ria as a Business Administration student, and now is France’s Business Development Manager. Lyca Marie Amichia is our Human Resources Manager in the UK, and she also started at Ria as a part-timer while she was studying Accounting.

All of them, half-jokingly, say that they have studied at Ria, and of course they have learnt many things by being part-timers. But they have also shown us how the youngest can gain control of their careers, blazing their own path and honouring the entrepreneurial spirit of Ria. For this reason, all of them are a source of pride to us.