Multicultural Tellers

Ria Multicultural Tellers

Multiculturalism: Ria’s employees include staff from all over the world. 


“I want to send this money to my country, Georgia”, the client said to the bank teller.

“Which town in particular? Atlanta?” asked the banker.

“No. To Tbilisi!”, the client replied. “Georgia is a country in the Caucasus”

This kind of story will sound familiar to many migrants. Cultural misunderstandings are common. Some of them are funny and don’t mean anything, but others can be more serious. When it comes to transferring money, cultural misunderstandings can ruin whatshould otherwise be a pleasant experience for customers. Helping out relatives financially shouldn’t be frustrating.

Fortunately, the customer experience with Ria’s multicultural tellers is completely different. They do understand our customers’ language and they do know our customers’ countries. Many of them have also experienced the same type of situation personally. This creates natural empathy and money transfer processes turn into completely different experiences. In the end, the service is much more personalised than at other traditional financial institutions.

This is the big difference that having multicultural tellers makes. Many of our customers simply tell us: “We feel closer to home.”


Ria Multicultural Tellers

Ria staff provide a personalised service so many customers feel closer to home.