Building a better world

Building a better world

Many migrants show their commitment to their families by sending remittances and their efforts are playing a major role in creating a new society; in building a better world.

Remittances have important economic consequences, pointed out long ago by academics and financial professionals. In particular their role in reducing poverty.

During the 2013 Global Forum on Remittances, where Ria participated on one of the panels, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), said that remittances could generate investment in rural areas of more than US $180 billion dollars annually. In this way migrants are contributing to empower rural people, and Ria Financial Services is helping them to do so.

Considering that in 2013 remittances are forecasted to reach at least US $450 billion dollars, IFAD’s estimate makes migrants one of the most important sources of economic stimulus in their countries of origin. By comparison,  remittances are five times the value of official development assistance in the world.

Migrants can also impact growth and welfare in the host countries, where their spending spurs economic growth and creates jobs. Furthermore, global diasporas generate billions in tax revenues for their host countries. In this way they help finance welfare systems or infrastructure investments.

Migration is a win-win situation for the host countries and countries of origin of the diasporas.

Ria is an integral part of this process, so just imagine what we can do together!

Remittances and others resources flows

Remittances and other resource flows to developing countries.